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How to Start a Cleaning Business


Creating a cleaning business requires, in addition to the usual formalities related to business creation , to find out about the regulations in force in the cleaning sector, in particular health and safety standards. These regulations are relatively substantial when the company intervenes in terms of personal services and when it is going to commit to the client with a service provision contract .

Before embarking on this entrepreneurial project, it is important to be well informed on the one hand, on the stages of the creation of a company, on the other hand, on the regime and the applicable legal regulations.

Start your cleaning business online

How to start a cleaning business?

At first glance, no qualification or diploma is a priori necessary to start a cleaning business. Therefore, everyone is free to start their home cleaning business and no specific skills are required. However, it may be a good idea to follow an in-depth training on the subject.

Analyze the state of the market

Analyzing the state of the market is an essential step in the business creation process. As part of the market research, it is necessary to study the following points:

Become familiar with the business environment (market situation, place of competition in the projected market, catchment area);

Carry out feasibility studies of the project (personal capacity of the entrepreneur to manage the company, availability of financial resources, technical feasibility study, choice of the legal form of the company, etc.).

More specifically, the cleaning company market in France is booming. Entering this sector may be appropriate, but the competition remains fierce. Thus, many companies are forced to diversify in order to sustain their activities. The diversity of services also contributes to stabilizing the sector.

Moreover, although no particular diploma is required to create a cleaning company , a trend towards professionalization has been observed since 2007. Most companies are placing more and more emphasis on quality, thus betting on qualifications and certifications .

Cleaning services are generally of two kinds.

type of cleaning                Areas of intervention

Classic cleaning Business premises or residential buildings

Specific cleaning

Vehicles on behalf of individuals or professionals; Glazed surfaces; Industrial machinery; Industrial premises; Medical.

In addition, the professionals of the trade are divided into three categories.

Categories          Type of Services

Small enterprises             Services to individuals

Medium-sized companies

Cleaning of apartment buildings Office cleaning ; End of construction cleaning.

Large companies

Cleaning of large-scale professional premises ; Specific cleaning.

Make a business plan

Then and in order to launch your project serenely, it is essential to carefully establish your business plan . The business plan is a document, mainly intended for future partners and investors of the company , which aims to present the main lines of the project . It must therefore include the following elements:

A detailed presentation of the project and its founders;

A communication and marketing strategy (definition of the target clientele, types of services offered, use of communication channels and social networks, etc.);

A financing plan (the means of financing envisaged, possible loans and the projected turnover);

A legal plan.

Choose a business name

Subsequently, the project leader must choose the name, which refers to the company as a legal entity . The name is part of the mandatory information to put on the company’s invoices.

It is also possible for personal businesses to use a proper name or opt for a

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