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Your Complete Guide To HVAC Maintenance Service in Dubai


Without an air conditioner, summers in Dubai are like tenting in the Arctic without any warm clothing or a heater. Both scenarios would leave you exposed to severe weather with no way out. This is why it’s crucial to hvac maintenance service, which includes your air conditioner. It’s the first step to averting significant costs down the road.

Following an AC maintenance guide will help keep your AC running for many years by assisting with preliminary inspections that stop more serious issues from developing. While this tutorial is helpful, we advise utilizing it to gain an understanding of how your air conditioner operates before hiring a professional to perform the actual repair. In this manner, you avoid having to fix AC every time, and your AC condition will be better.

Here is our in-depth guide on hvac contractors in uae, including what to look for:

How Should The Exterior Unit Be Maintained?

The compressor, the most crucial component of your air conditioner, is part of the exterior unit. The condenser coil and a fan are also included, which distribute the heat from your room to the outside. The external unit uses the majority of the electricity required by your air conditioner. The exterior unit is often mounted on the roof or outside your home. Make sure that any plants or weeds that are growing nearby are not obstructing the unit of hvac maintenance service.

Here are some maintenance guidelines for your exterior air conditioner.

  • Make sure the power is off before attempting to clean the appliance.
  • The condenser fan can start operating while you are cleaning it, which might result in damage and/or harm.
  • You should be satisfied with only wiping the dust off the condenser coil, which may enhance the efficiency of your AC and is comparatively risk-free. A professional may do several inspections and cleaning processes on the exterior unit, but you should limit yourself to doing so.
  • The condenser coil is made out of a grid of metal tubing that runs through several thin metal sheet layers. Your air conditioner’s ability to cool down might be hampered if the condenser coil is covered with a lot of dust and dirt. A paintbrush, a water jet, or an air blower can all be used to clean the condenser coil. Take great care not to let the water touch any electrical parts of the AC unit if you are using water to clean the coil. Electrical connections or components may experience short circuits if water gets inside of them, necessitating highly costly repairs. If you are unsure of what you are doing, it is advisable to avoid using water to clean the AC.
  • Get a specialist to check at it right away if the external device is producing unusually loud noise.

How Should The Internal Unit Be Handled?

The interior device has a blower fan and a cooling coil that are both covered by an air filter. The majority of the airborne dust settles onto the filter and the cooling coil when the AC moves the air in the room through it. Cleaning the filter and the coil regularly is essential to maintaining the AC’s cooling capacity.

Fundamentals Of interior Air conditioning maintenance

The cooling coil and the blower fans may only be cleaned by qualified personnel. If you enjoy doing things yourself, you can clean the air filter on your own using hvac maintenance service.

If the air filter is reusable, just wash it with clean water after removing it from the air intake of the air conditioner, or replace it if it is not. The majority of filters used in the UAE are reusable.

The process of filter removal differs greatly amongst machines of hvac contractors in uae. While some filters simply slip into position, others are fastened with screws or brackets.

Every AC has a water tray to catch the water that drips onto the cooling coil. It is crucial to clean this tray regularly to prevent the growth of mold and slime, which might cause these trays to overflow. Cleaning the AC trays and flushing the drain pipes is not simple and, in many instances, is almost impossible for inexperienced individuals. For this reason, it’s crucial to choose a qualified expert.

Significance Of Routine Maintenance And Inspections

It is impossible for you to fully check your AC on your own because it is a difficult task. Additionally, you need to think about your safety and make sure nothing inside your AC becomes any worse than it currently is.

Your AC units will need to be maintained, which can be accomplished by a qualified AC technician. With their knowledge and training, they can identify machine anomalies before we can see them and take appropriate action to stop the AC units from failing. To extend the lifespan of your AC, you should make sure that it is carefully inspected at least twice a year. Make it a priority on your annual maintenance checklist and note it in your calendar.

Wrapping Up

In the end, your repair costs will be far lower in the hvac contractors in uae. Repairs will be low or non-existent if you take care of your air conditioner before an issue arises. Additionally, you won’t need to pay replacement fees every year.

Regular maintenance makes your AC more effective and lowers your DEWA costs. Your monthly expenses may be kept to a minimum by using less electricity. Enhancing durability, safety, and guarding against failure. Regularly checking your AC may prevent anything bad from happening, even in the worst scenario of a total collapse. Additionally, it is much safer if you examine your AC right away to fix any weak wiring and preserve the functionality of your appliance.

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