Mid-height bathroom

Mid-height bathroom tiling is ahead of full-height tiling! And with good reason!


Tiles, whether porcelain stoneware or earthenware, are a classic in bathrooms and kitchens. But lately, a new trend tends to emerge: bathrooms that are only partially tiled. More and more people are choosing to lay tiles only in wet areas, those that are in direct contact with water and to paint the remaining surfaces with paint (special bathroom!). The concept of half-height bathroom tiles has many advantages, including quick installation, affordable cost and practical design. But in order to avoid mistakes, it is imperative to know exactly at what height to lay the tiles and what color to choose for painting the bathroom. This article explains!Half-height bathroom tiling or full-height tiling: which one to choose for the shower area?mid-height bathroom tiles cream white tiles matte purple paintView in gallery

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In the bathroom, it is best to use ceramic tiles to tile the wet areas around the shower and bathtub. Standard shower cubicles are generally offered in heights between 185 cm and 200 cm. This taken into account, the height of the tile can be optimally adapted to the installation situation or the height of the user. As for walk- in showers  that are separated from the rest of the bathroom by a glass pane, the shower head is usually installed about 200 cm above the floor. This means that the tiles on the walls around the shower should be laid at least up to this height.What height of wall tiling for the space around a bathtub?mid-height tiling bathroom light gray paint bathtub islandView in gallery

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Most bathtubs are 45cm to 50cm high to allow easy entry. Of course, this also depends on the model of the bathtub: freestanding, built-in or combined with a shower. For freestanding or freestanding bathtubs , the ideal height of the wall tiles is 120 cm. As regards the bathtub with shower , it is recommended to lay the tiles either at the height of the bathroom or at a height of 200 cm.Guide value for the installation height of the shower head: height of the body + 20 to 30 cmmid-height bathroom tiles large format gray tiles bathtub with showerView in galleryMid-height bathroom tiles: don’t forget the tiles around the sinksmall bathroom mid-height tiles white metro tiles matte gray paintView in gallery

If you want to lay a half-height tile in the bathroom, you can orient yourself by taking the height of the washbasin as a reference point. The upper edge of the washbasin is usually installed at a height of 82 – 86 cm. For optimal splash protection of the wall behind the washbasin, the tiles should be laid at least 120 cm above the floor. This is the optimum tiling height for a wall- hung toilet bowl and a free-standing bathtub. This way you can create a beautiful visual frame for the entire bathroom.Height differences create an interesting aesthetic effectbathroom mid height tiles white metro tiles walk in shower blue cement tilesView in galleryIf the height of the tiles behind the sink does not match the height of the tiles around the shower area, there is no problem. Quite the contrary! It is better to take advantage of the interesting aesthetic effect by accentuating the shower area with a very decorative tile. Play with patterns and colors to personalize the walls! Differences in height will bring a feeling of dynamism and can even expand the space visually.Consider the height of other elements in the bathroom: window, door, sloping ceilingmid-height tile bathroom white metro tiles bathtub with showerView in gallery

To decide on the right height of the tiling, you can take into consideration the other elements of the layout or the decor of the bathroom. You simply have to choose an element as a reference point. Very often it is the height of the door that determines the position of the tiles. Their upper edge can also be half the height of the window or a quarter of the height of the mirror above the sink. If you are thinking of a bathroom in the attic, do not hesitate to take the height of the wall under the slope as a benchmark.The right paint for half-height bathroom tileswhite marble tile green bathroom paintView in galleryThe bathroom has a specific microclimate. Walls and ceilings are constantly exposed to humidity, temperature fluctuations and water. These factors make it an ideal incubation place for molds and bacteria. Conventional acrylic paints are not suitable for such conditions. If you want to install half-height tiles in the bathroom, you must protect the rest of the walls adequately and use a special paint for wet rooms .mid-height bathroom tile white marble tile and wood taupe wall paintView in galleryA good bathroom color is characterized by high resistance to abrasion. This means the walls can be washed and scrubbed without damaging the coating. Often, manufacturers advertise these types of paints as washable or stain resistant. Of course, it is worth consulting the data sheet and checking the wet rub resistance of the paint. These criteria are regulated by the European standard DIN EN 13 300.mid-height white subway tile blue paint bathroomView in galleryWater-repellent and washable paints are best for the bathroom. Thanks to them, water and dirt are repelled, which makes it easier to clean the walls. Simply wipe the surface with a dry cloth or damp sponge to remove a stain.What else should you look out for when looking for paint for the powder room? It is desirable that the product has biocidal properties and thus provides effective protection against mold, fungi and bacteria. Professionals also recommend choosing vapor-permeable emulsion paints so that the walls can breathe.mid-height bathroom tiles navy blue washbasin cabinet gray blue tilesView in galleryOnce you have a clear idea of ​​the type of paint to choose, all you have to do is choose the color and the finish. Matt, semi-matt, satin or semi-gloss: you have a wide choice.

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