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Which prefab house is the best.?


When you want to buy a new house, you generally have two options: buy or build . Either way, your choices are unlimited. In the case of a construction, you can consider opting for a prefabricated dwelling.

All prefabricated housing is partially or entirely built in a factory before being transported to the construction site. This speeds up the production process and reduces expenses . As a general rule, you can get your prefabricated house with the keys , at a more or less affordable price , in less than a year.

In addition, from the modern prefab house to the small house with a traditional atmosphere, there is a plan and a style for everyone to find the home of your dreams.

Info DocShipper  : The most optimal prefab homes can be as large as 1 hectare or large enough to accommodate multiple generations.

Generally these houses can be mobile and it is possible to move them thanks to trailers. In some cases, they also make it possible to produce television broadcasts.

Info DocShipper  : For these houses, the taxes are not very high, and there is no need to obtain a building permit. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us!

Mobile home or mobile home

Although they are on wheels, these houses are not caravans but houses. In France, the living area of ​​mobile homes cannot exceed 40 m² .

As with a real house, if you want to put one on land as your main place of residence, you must first acquire a building permit , and you will be affected by  the property tax  and the council tax of ordinary houses.

Container house

It is possible to build houses with old containers, which is very popular. Indeed, being waterproof the container will allow you to create your home with recycled and ecological materials. If you accept its very industrial appearance and its limited size, it is an excellent alternative to traditional structures.

Info DocShipper  : Nevertheless, it is difficult to find containers with a width greater than 2.44 meters!

Kit house

Again, the structural details will be posted on the site. Nevertheless, there is a slight difference between prefabricated houses and kit houses. This is because the kit generally cannot be customized. There is little wiggle room in this model.

DocShipper Tip : Choosing the kit model can be perfect if you want to build a tool shed, a garage, or a small cottage.

Modular home manufacturers provide original models that you can configure according to your desires and the number of family members.

Regarding their installation, it is done in two stages. At first, the modular structure of the house is entirely built in the factory . Secondly, it is assembled on site .

Frequently asked Questions

Faster construction process  : It takes at least a year to build the traditional house. As for prefabricated houses, it only takes a few months to build them. In addition, the deadlines are shortened since thanks to its manufacture in a closed factory, there are no risks of weather which often slow down the construction of traditional houses.

Financing : In general, some manufacturers offer their own financing, which allows you to have a better rate , depending on your situation.

Energy efficiency  : Ecology is increasingly advocated around the world and manufacturers know it. Modern prefabricated houses therefore tend to use more environmentally friendly products than traditional houses. It is increasingly common to see solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems in new homes.

Personalization : Certainly, personalization is an advantage and allows you to adjust your house according to your desires. Nevertheless, the scope of the possibilities remains more limited than when you use an architect to build your house from A to Z.

Note DocShipper : Even if you’re building a custom home from scratch, there are always limitations, including ancillary costs like transportation.

Resale Value  : Homeowners are becoming more familiar with pre-engineered building technology. However, some types of manufactured homes do not sell as quickly as traditional homes.

alert : Container homes or tiny houses are often the most difficult to resell because they can have a non-conformist style.

Ancillary costs  : Before starting your acquisition, assess the secondary costs, they may prove to be significant. This includes in particular:

Transport from the house to the construction site . Because prefab homes are built in the factory, they must be shipped, which is expensive and limits the size of containers and modular homes. For example, if your land is in Strasbourg but your builder is located in Brittany, the costs related to transport can be significant.

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