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What are the advantages of going through a building professional for your work.?


Are you planning to carry out renovation or construction work and are hesitating between doing it yourself or hiring a professional? For all your work, here are 3 good reasons to call on building professionals.

What are the advantages of going through a building professional for your work?

Going through a building professional allows you to protect yourself in the event of damage.

Even if you have the soul, the abilities and the will of an excellent handyman, it does not mean that you know how to do everything, nor even that you have the time. Indeed, work that may seem simple to carry out at first glance can turn out to be much longer and more complex than expected . Especially since the building trades

A building professional or craftsman has been trained for a specific trade. In this field, he received theoretical and practical training allowing him to know all aspects. He will be all the more inclined that you carry out quality work with impeccable finishes. On the other hand, it can be a source of advice by bringing you an outside and professional eye in what you want to achieve , in order to adapt your desires to the reality of your property while respecting your budget.

He knows how to surround himself with other professionals

Renovation or construction work often requires several trades. This induces an organization that is not always easy to grasp for a neophyte. Going through a professional allows you to benefit from his expertise but also from his network  if it becomes necessary to call on another professional to carry out part of the work, which allows you to facilitate your search for service providers. A building professional therefore masters this aspect of construction sites and will be able to organize the intervention times and the schedule of the various trades.

The ten-year professional guarantee protects you

All building professionals must take out a ten- year guarantee . This is a real guarantee for you, since he is liable for 10 years for damage that may occur following the work he has carried out . This guarantee covers major damage rendering the place uninhabitable, compromising the solidity of the work or the structure of the building. So remember to require your craftsman to provide a ten-year certificate in order to verify his coverage.

This is all the more crucial for electrical or plumbing work, for example, which, if carried out in an amateur manner, can prove dangerous and cause you to lose all coverage by your insurance. If you also want to protect yourself against minor damage , you can take out a  guarantee of perfect completion , valid for one year after acceptance of the work.

General building companies for serene work

Choosing a general construction company ensures that you have a single point of contact throughout the project. Indeed, these “all trades” companies are able to carry out all building work from the design phase to final delivery. The advantage here is not having to manage a multitude of service providers . It is the company itself as prime contractor that takes care of it. Moreover, in the event of failure or delay in one of the sections of the work, the company will easily be able to adapt to readjust the schedule of the interventions of the other trades.

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