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How to Translate Your Taste Into a Transformed Kitchen?



Are you planning to transform your kitchen to give it a new look? A kitchen is the heart of your home, and you should transform it according to your taste and preferences. If your kitchen matches your taste, you are more likely to be happy and work more effectively and efficiently in your kitchen.

You can transform your kitchen using new design trends and showcasing creative uses of colours, modern appliances, and functional design. Adding a touch of your taste makes all these features more personalised to your needs and brings out the best for you.

A modern design improves functionality and eliminates inconvenience by updating your outdated layout. It also provides a pleasant surrounding that reflects your home’s theme and style.

Creative ways to translate your taste into a transformed kitchen

  • Upgrading the metal design

The numerous modern metal designs offer a stunning and appealing appearance. The kitchen looks contemporary thanks to materials like copper, stainless steel, brushed gold, and matte aluminium. These can be utilised as choices for range hoods, pendant lighting, and cabinetry hardware.

  • Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances

Energy-efficient appliances give a modern look to your kitchen while saving water and energy. You can start by upgrading the plumbing fixtures and the low-flow kitchen faucets.

  • Get creative with colour

To modify the atmosphere and concept, you may also paint the existing cabinetry in your kitchen. Select a modern colour scheme that complements your house and enhances its visual appeal. Additionally, this will aid in hiding the old wood and drab-coloured cabinetry.

  • New and modern lighting

Proper lighting in your kitchen is necessary to do daily chores. Lighting will provide safety, ambience, and versatility to the kitchen. Some great options are pendant lighting, under cabinet lighting, and chandeliers.

  • Add planters

Plants in your kitchen can change the whole mood. They can be the best option to add as a decorative item and will also give fresh air to you. It is always the most sustainable and environment-friendly element that suits your kitchen.

Use of kitchen laminate designs

When you plan to transform the kitchen and improve its aesthetics, kitchen laminate is the best option. Laminates come in a variety of shades, textures, designs, and finishes to enrich the interior of your kitchen. If you want to modernise and make your kitchen the highlight of your home, use any of the following laminate designs.

  • Lucida:

The strongest resistance to scuff, abrasion, and scratches is found in Lucida laminates, which are also naturally antiviral and antimicrobial. They add solidity and elegance to the kitchen in the house and require little maintenance. Say goodbye to maintenance concerns with these dependable and fashionable high-gloss laminates. Your rooms will have an everlasting brilliance because of their mirror-like gloss.

  • Star Line

Star Line is a 0.8 mm alternative laminate made by Century Ply. This wonderful range of laminates has excellent abrasion resistance, improved colour fastness, and provides the best bonding with substrates thanks to highly consistent and superior sanding.

  • Textured or Glossy Surfaces:

Lustrous, textured, matte, and glittery finishes are the laminates that provide an over-the-top design and a shiny and lively touch to your kitchen. For getting these laminates, you will have to decide on the available space in your kitchen, the colour theme, and the furnishings.

  • Monochrome

A white kitchen is one of the most popular options for these kitchen laminate designs. While it could initially seem like a difficult option to clean, you won’t have to worry about it if you choose decorative laminates from Century Laminates. Your kitchen will stay spotless as new for a very long time because of the scuff and scratch resistance in these laminates. Additionally, the monochromatic appeal gives your home a modern yet minimalist feel. You’ll probably find yourself entering your kitchen more often if the overhead lighting is effective because of its understated attractiveness.


Are you ready to transform your kitchen according to your taste? Your kitchen design is your priority, and you don’t want to risk its interior design. Consider the options mentioned in this article, do proper research and evaluation, and then go further with the transformation. Contact a good laminate manufacturer in India and choose the best available option for your kitchen.

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