decorate your living room

How to decorate your living room?


What can motivate major decorative changes in your interior ?

These figures are rather interesting and reveal to us that there is a trigger for wanting to redo all your decor.ūüėČ

It’s rather true, we always put off our decoration project: no time, no finances, no energy, something else to do, to think about… Do you recognize yourself?

Let’s focus on the subject of this article: decorating our living room

As you know, the living room is often at the heart of the house, it is a centerpiece!¬† We spent a lot of time there with the family, with our friends (for an aperitif for example) , in front of a good film with itswhereDear. We make fabulous memories in our living room . It is therefore important to create a warm, cozy, welcoming living room , where you feel good. The living room is both a ‚Äúprivate‚ÄĚ room (being quiet on a Sunday in front of ‚ÄúHouse for sale‚ÄĚ) and a ‚Äúpublic‚ÄĚ room (with friends for a gourmet snack) . So, I think that the living room should reflect your personality, your desires, your tastes, to feel good there and be proud to present its style , its decoration.

So I’m helping you today to makeover your living room in just¬† 5 steps (5 steps that you can apply right away):

Step 1 > find your atmosphere

The first question to ask is: What atmosphere do you really want? The living room is warm and welcoming, so choose soft and comfortable materials.

How to find your atmosphere / your style concretely ? It’s good simply by looking for inspiration in magazines , on blogs, and on the internet (I recommend Pinterest , it’s an image search engine, it’s an infinite source of inspiration for beautiful interiors )

Take the time to browse the different living room images and save the living room atmospheres that you like the most.

Then choose 2 to 3 atmospheric images  that you would like in your living room (ideally, 2 to 3 images of the same style, example: country, modern, luxurious, Scandinavian…)

Choose a key color that you want in your decor (example: soft green, duck blue, powder pink, mustard yellow, etc.)

Then choose a dominant material  that matches your style  (example: wood, metal, glass, linen, etc.)

Make yourself a mini mood board with your 2, 3 images, your color and your material:

how to decorate yellow and gray living room

Example of a mini mood board, for a relatively neutral living room (grey and white) and a few touches of yellow. Wood brings warmth.

Step 2 > make an inventory of your exhibition

In your current living room: What furniture do you want to keep/donate/throw away? What accessories do you want to keep, give away, throw away?

To harmonize with your new atmosphere: Will your furniture go with the new style ? (use your mini mood board to answer this question)

Can/must your furniture/objects be moved/replaced ? Do you need more storage? (I invite you to read¬† this blog post on space optimization if you think you don’t know how to optimize your living space )

Think about your existing elements, the floor, the walls, do they go with the new atmosphere? Are these elements neutral, too marked, too dark? … Do you need to renovate your walls, repaint them?…

Making an inventory will allow you to create a good basis for the new decoration.

Step 3 > define a shopping list

Once you have a good idea of ‚Äč‚Äčyour atmosphere, whether you know what to keep or not, it’s time to define the decor you need.

Keeping in mind the harmony of our mood board and our existing elements, what will I need to create this style that I want?

Look at your mini mood board and find the key elements of this atmosphere,¬† it can be: a plant, a pattern, a poster, a lamp…

Then list these items.

Establish a decoration budget not to be exceeded, so you will choose the stores according to your budget (see the Youtube channel¬† of¬† La Botte Secr√®te D√©coration : 11 really inexpensive decoration stores ! Yes, it’s a gift )

Then list your purchases or DIY (Do It Yourself) to make, which will highlight your new style. DIYs allow you to really personalize your interior. Moreover, making something with your hands is really rewarding, you will be proud of yourself! =)

Step 4 > give even more style

For a really successful decoration for a living room, install the essential elements :

Textiles: plaid, cushions, curtains, rugs

A shelf

A coffee table

A few plants and 1 or 2 vases

Small side tables (to move everywhere)

Multiply the lights: table lamp, floor lamp, garland, wall lights, candles

For a successful living room decor , you must have all these elementsūüėČ

Step 5 > animate your walls

To finish decorating your living room , liven up your empty walls using: frames, a canvas, an accumulation of mirrors , wallpaper, paint ?

All these ideas will give personality to your walls !

decorate living room

iCi is the accumulation of frames as well as the installation of a light wall lamp that animates the wallūüėČ

It’s your place: From now on, take a few minutes for yourself, take a paper and a pencil and write down:

What atmosphere would I like? What color ? What material ?

What do you want to keep from your current living room?

What budget can you plan for the future decoration?

What essentials are you missing? Example: curtains, a rug, a plaid ???…

Finally, what could you put on your walls to give personality

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