Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja's Extravagant

All You Need to Know About Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja’s Extravagant 173 Crore Mansion


It is no surprise that the homes of Bollywood celebrities are as luxurious and grand as they come. While many of them have stunned their fans with scenic glimpses from their dreamy designed houses in Mumbai, Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja stunned the paparazzi and fans with their Rs. 173 crores worth luxurious bungalow in Delhi. Let’s dive deeper into the couple’s luxurious paradise, which is a wonder in itself.

A Whopping Rs. 173 Crore Worth Property!

Sonam Kapoor, Anand Ahuja, her husband and Vayu, her son, were warmly welcomed in their new Rs. 173 crore Delhi mansion. Sonam Kapoor took it to Instagram and toured the entire property to her fans. In a very popular video that is doing the rounds of social media, the couple was seen doing their chores while the cameraman was pretty much well-instructed to give a perfect tour of the house.

There’s a spacious tree-lined garden area, which serves as the perfect backdrop for all morning rituals, such as yoga, morning prayers, workouts, etc. They also have chic, luxurious wooden furnishings all around the property, with tall windows to allow natural light to bless the ambience of the bungalow.

It is a 3170 sq. ft. property located on Prithviraj Road, Delhi. They bought the property in 2015 but moved in recently, and the audience got a vibrant tour of it. The interiors are superiorly elegant, and there are many books & shoes to satisfy their fashion and reading passion.

Let’s Talk About the Interiors

The wooden and patterned-marble flooring adds a vibrant charm to the entire property. The furniture choices are quite sophisticated to represent a minimalistic look. The sense of aesthetics for the Ahuja is on point, reflected through the mesmerising art pieces around the mansion.

From the video where you can see Sonamcooking, you can conclude that the kitchen is quite roomy and well-furnished.

The bedroom has a very cosy appeal, replicating a white palette with the bed, giving a rustic impression. It is a four-poster bed with off-white warm lamp lights on either side, adding ambient elegance to the room.

In some rooms, you will get large glass panels with views of the grass lawn, allowing a lot of light to flow throughout the day. Such rooms will open for Ahujas to access a lavish patio with amazing outdoor furniture pieces. Such a setup is perfect for the couple to sit out in the evening amidst the serene and peaceful orange sky.

Sonam is also fond of greenery around her, for which she did include potted plants, rose petals and other such natural inclusions at the entrance. There are scented candles on the centre table to welcome the guests with a pleasing aroma.

Entering the mansion, a visitor will first be greeted with a big dinner table with a big chandelier on the top. Among the natural paradise, the visitor will be walking amidst jasmine flowers, red & pink rose petals, raw bananas and pink lotuses. There’s a big elephant figurine in a silver look alongside several brass & silver vases. There’s nothing around the entrance space that won’t match its royal vibe.


While celebrities are flaunting their big and lavish bungalows in Mumbai, Sonam left everyone in awe of her dream paradise mansion in Delhi. Evidently, people have seen just a small glimpse of this humongous mansion. But, by just seeing those glimpses, we can conclude how brilliant the rest of the house might be.

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